More photos of undercover cops unlawful arrest

Here are some more revealing images of the undercover cops who arrested a protester in the crowd.

Head crushed against the concrete, knealing on outstretched arm

We are trying to find out if the person arrested was ever charged with anything, and if so what. This is important. If he is charged with an offence all those undercover coppers (at the very least the copper who arrests him and the one who first drags him out of the crowd) with have to make witness statements and be questioned in court.
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Cop acting unlawfully

This is the cunt copper who grabbed hold of a protester round the neck with both hands and dragged him backwards while his undercover cop mates held the protesters arms down.

Someone must know his name, rank and where he is based. Let’s nail the cunt, and get the fucker prosecuted.

Moment undercover cops arrest protester

This is the moment several undercover police, dressed as protesters, drag a person from the crowd at the student demo on Nov 9. There are four making the arrest in this sequence – one in the grey hooded top, one with ginger hair and 93 on his top, one wearing a black coat with the hood up and the other copper in black with short black hair who is strangling the protester. As is clear to see one cop is dragging the person by the throat while others hold his arms down. [All the coppers are wearing pale blue wristbands]. This is clearly not in any recognised legitimate police arrest manoeuvre and certainly isn’t sanctioned by the police authorities. Names of these officers as soon as possible please. Violent scum like this should not be on our streets.

from the original youtube footage here:

Undercover cops on Nov 9 – name and shame

There is discussion as to whether the police embedded within the student march not in uniform were ‘plain clothes’ or ‘undercover’. We say they are all undercover coppers and should be treated as such. Any non-uniformed copper acting covertly, pretending to be something they are not and with a disguised proactive agenda should be considered undercover regardless of their technical role.

If a non uniformed copper does not immediately identify himslf as a copper when challenged or show his warrant card when asked to do so is acting undercover. That said below are the images of identified undercover coppers who made violent arrests at the student demo. Remember these faces and if possible put a name to them. Any information regarding these people will be useful.

Information we have the cop in the baseball cop (first picture) was the one giving instructions to the others.

A little further information. They all seem to be wearing pale blue wristbands.

Video footage of the undercover cops violently arresting a young protester shot from from within the march:

Delroy Smellie – a bent copper with serious problems

end of the sparks kettled video notoriously bent copper Delroy Smellie (who likes hitting women on demonstrations – he violently assaulted two women during the G20 protests in 2009 – and likes hiding his ID numbers so can’t be identified while hitting women) turns up and attempts to move on a camerman who is advising, correctly, that the sparks being stopped and searched do not have to give their name and address during a s60 search.

Fair play to the sparks.

Smellie appears right at the end.

Met police arrest data for Nov 9

According to the Met police there were 20 arrests during the Nov 9 demonstraion in central London (as of 4:45pm yesterday afternoon) They were:

3 x Section 2 and 3 of the Public Order Act (violent disorder and affray respectively)
1 x Offensive Weapon
3 x Going Equipped
1 x Section 60aa
12 x Breach of the Peace

Breach of the peace is not a criminal offence and any arrest would not result in a criminal charge.

Part of the problem

This man, as with many in the media is part of the problem. His article on the Nov 9 student protest in the right wing daily telegraph is both astonishing and ugly. Typical of the opinionated upper classes (his family, part of the Gloucester gentry, owned the island of Lundy) he resides clueless in a world far removed from anything approaching reality.

His article defending undercover cops violent arrest of a protester:
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