Green and Black Cross Legal Observer training

Have you ever been at a demo, near a line of police, and witnessed the police do something you’re pretty sure they’re not supposed to do? Baton someone, for instance, or stop and search a nearby protester, or snatch somebody out of the crowd? Ever wondered how you can: a) know what to do, and b) how you can help them?

Now is your chance to find out!

The Green and Black Cross are running a Legal Observer training

Saturday 5th November
1.30pm – 6pm
Rm 4421  (Main Building)
Thornhaugh St
London WC1H 0XG

This will consist of 4 hours of training and some well-deserved breaks in between.

As a Legal Observer, you’ll be making lots of notes about arrests and other incidents, witnesses, and police behaviour.

In this extensive training, you’ll learn how to position yourself, what sorts of things you’ll be looking for, and some basics about the law.

Legal Observers are consistently very key to helping people at protests, whether that is by handing out key legal advice on bust cards or finding witnesses for arrests.

Come and be part of the essential infrastructure of protests, and get to know your rights while you’re at it!



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