Preparing for N9 Demonstration: Skill-share and all day workshop

Come and prepare for the November 9th Demo in an all day workshop and skill share. Pop in at any time, for workshops, between: 11am-8pm, or meet in the UCL Quad at 10am for tea and biscuits.

Tuesday 8th Nov
10am – 8pm
The Conference Room (2nd Floor)
Bloomsbury Theatre Building
15 Gordon Street
London WC1H 0AH


  • Legal training
  • Banner Making
  • Book-Shield creating
  • Direct Action training
  • How to use social media on protests
  • How to break out of a police kettle
  • Scout training: camping and occupying
  • Debates on Malcolm Grant and the NHS Reforms


  • UCL Marching Choir
  • Rolling Seminars
  • Political chat
  • Poetry readings
  • Live music
  • Zines and pamphlets and texts to share


  • food, drink and paint all day long
Feel free to hold your own workshop/discussion/talk! All welcome – get in touch or just turn up. Check calendar updates for definite times.

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