Cabbies out on Nov 9th

RMT London Taxi Branch takes protest to TFL and Trafalgar Square on day of action

Kicking off the action, RMT London Taxi Branch will be holding a demonstration outside the headquarters of TFL Windsor house Victoria Street SW1 between 2-4pm on Wed 9 November to highlight complaints over the poor treatment, bad policies and contempt that the Taxi/private hire office have shown towards the RMT taxi branch and the trade in general.

Those complaints will be registered directly with the Mayor’s Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy.

Later in the day, RMT taxi members will be playing a leading role in a wider demonstration involving taxi drivers from other taxi organisations in Trafalgar Square at 4pm.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“From pedicabs to the abuse of ranks by minicabs and the whole fiasco of the Olympics lanes, the licensed taxi trade in London is under an unprecedented attack and that’s why RMT members in the industry are working for maximum unity to defend jobs, safety and the quality of service to the public.

“RMT will ensure that the future of the taxi trade in London is a major political issue in the run up to next year’s Mayoral election and Wednesday’s action will kick start that political campaign.”



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