Latest sparks siteworker demos from 2nd Nov

The latest in a series of protests and action by electricians and their supporters took place on wed 2nd Nov. Assembling at 6.30am for a blockade of the site at 110 Cannon Street run by Gratte Brothers, they found the site already shut. Whilst the cops declared their protest illegal and threatened arrests the sparks entered Cannon st tube station and held a short rally, before marching to the OccupyLSX protest camp by St Paul’s Cathedral.

A major national day of action has been called in London for 9th November [2] with plans to shut down several high profile construction sites. The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) has also called a national demonstration in London “Defend Education – Fight Privitisation” on the 9th with the financial centre of the City of London as the target. NCAFC said they “stand 100% behind the sparks, and want to work with electricians to make sure that the protests converge”.

Previous London Sparks demos:
Wed 26th Oct

Wed 19th Oct

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