Millbank One Year Anniversary Party: A Message from the Mervyn King Collective

Student Demonstration November 9th, Central London

Brothers and sisters. In August we stole the bread, on November 9th we intend to go to the bakery….

Brothers and sisters, the beautiful struggle is evident across their borders.

Things are in movement. For us the smashing of Millbank was not the beginning but just the realisation of our historical subjectivity. The worker’s occupations of Wisconsin, the street battles of London’s West End on March 26th, the Arab Spring, the occupations of hundreds of universities across Europe, Puerta Del Sol, and Syntagma Square, the angels of Keratea and Exarchia. The glorious student movement of Chile, an occupy movement of over 900 cities across the world, our courageous comrades in Rome sacking the war ministry on 15th October, the urban insurrection of England this last summer.

From this we can discern only one thing; the beginning is nigh.

The global sea of rage continues and the next crash of the waves will be in The City of London on November 9th.

We, all of us, are marching to the City of London. At dawn, electricians will shut down construction sites. In the morning taxi drivers will blockade central London. At lunchtime students will mobilise with a determination equal to the magnificent example set by of our brothers and sisters across the world.

Brothers and sisters. This is a call. This is yours. This is it.

We ask you. Come to London on November 9th.

Mervyn King Collective


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