Nov. 9 ‘Mobile Kettle’ Demo

Report back from Nov 9 from London’s ALARM

Well after last year what did we expect? The goal posts have changed in protest with the Arab Spring, the August riots and the Occupy Movements. The attack on Millbank was never going to be allowed to happen to Goldman Sachs.

Cameron is a PR man, the world was watching and him and May and the Met were clearly shitting it. A section 60 covered London from Regents Park down to Southwark! Letters to ‘known’ (including uncharged) activists were sent out warning them to move away from trouble (?) and we had yesterdays headlines MET TO USE RUBBER BULLETS !


But this wasn’t all about the students whatever the BBC censors etc. were saying. The day began in style with the sparks pushing through police lines and holding a rally at Cannon Street station and then moving on to blockade Bishopsgate to rush hour traffic. The sparks then moved up to Occupy LSX at St. Pauls and by 10.07 the Kings Cross Crossrail workers had downed tools and come out. A promising start by the workers!

Coaches of students were stopped and searched on their way into London and arrests made for possesion of marker pens FFS!

By the time the students all moved off from Malet Street they were surrounded by 2 police every 10 feet. and by 11.10 the sparks demo were kettled at St. Thomas Street.

By midday Twitter was spammed by bots and the Guardian live blog was lagging an hour. Online censorship and mass media blackout, more riot cops than protesters, what is this, Baharain or Britain?

As the march reached Trafalgar Square there was a pop up Occupation, but they were quickly arrested and led away to a waiting coach.

The sparks and students were held back from joining in a mass movement by a kettle on Fetter Lane, which saw some great break outs and de-arrests and the only bit of real excitement.

The whole of the stretch from Trafalgar to St Pauls was a sterile zone, with all the banks heavily protected, every side road double barriered off and every window boarded up.

This was just a mobile kettle, not a march.

Wanker bankers from Lloyds appeared at upper windows to taunt the protesters and antagonise them by throwing objects from above onto the protesters, until someone threw up a potato which broke a window and they all scuttled off.

By now though the cops were getting jumpy. Snatch squads were operating and at the point where the black block broke through the police lines Twitter crashed and the only live newsfeed coming from Russia Today without warning went to a dark street in some other city. Suspiciously like Oakland newscopters both running out of gas last week just before the police moved in…

Undercover cops acting as agent provecteurs started to get aggressive and cause trouble but were quickly booed and exposed by the crowd. Dead obvious coppers in the black block DOH!

As Billy Bragg sung in the City, at 4pm the cabbies blockaded Trafalgar all the way down to Whitehall nearly to Buck House! A proper Hackney Massive and probably the most effective part of the day!! Big up the cabbies!

Welcome to the new ‘total policing’ and the bastards changing the rules of the day as they go along. We had been told that we could gather at the end of the march for 2 hours, but as a rave broke out, this was slashed to one hour and we were informed anyone remaining would be arrested. Those who did remain (including journos) were indeed marched off at 5. 41 on the dot. The mainstream press is saying it was a peaceful protest with 20 arrests. More like 60, but bar a few broken windows it was impossible to act smothered in the TSG and dogs and horses everywhere.

We are saying it was a mobile kettle that was enacted by a police state that is living in fear…

Photo courtesy: Indymedia Contact email: rikkiindymedia(At)gmail[dot]com


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