Moment undercover cops arrest protester

This is the moment several undercover police, dressed as protesters, drag a person from the crowd at the student demo on Nov 9. There are four making the arrest in this sequence – one in the grey hooded top, one with ginger hair and 93 on his top, one wearing a black coat with the hood up and the other copper in black with short black hair who is strangling the protester. As is clear to see one cop is dragging the person by the throat while others hold his arms down. [All the coppers are wearing pale blue wristbands]. This is clearly not in any recognised legitimate police arrest manoeuvre and certainly isn’t sanctioned by the police authorities. Names of these officers as soon as possible please. Violent scum like this should not be on our streets.

from the original youtube footage here:


2 responses to “Moment undercover cops arrest protester

  1. It will be perfectly reasonable in future evetns where this happens, for members of the protest to use quick, decisive and reasonable force to subdue and restrain these aggressors. I did not see identifiable Police Officers restrain or arrest a man, I saw a group of thugs, wearing civilian clothes attack a member of the protest. They swore (which is a breach of section 5 public order act) and as such presented themselves unlikely to be Police. I trust my point is clear.

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