More photos of undercover cops unlawful arrest

Here are some more revealing images of the undercover cops who arrested a protester in the crowd.

Head crushed against the concrete, knealing on outstretched arm

We are trying to find out if the person arrested was ever charged with anything, and if so what. This is important. If he is charged with an offence all those undercover coppers (at the very least the copper who arrests him and the one who first drags him out of the crowd) with have to make witness statements and be questioned in court.

Any decent solicitor would demand the notes (all coppers have to make notes about their activities during the day on public order duty) which would include their role and purpose for being undercover.

It would provide invaluable information as to the strategy and thinking of using undercover police on demonstrations, something as yet we have not had access to.

Coked up cunt copper

Just on a side note the cunt copper who initially strangles the protester as he is dragging him backwards by the throat is definitely coked up to the eyeballs. This guy is so fucking hyper. We say compulsory drug testing for all coppers involved in questionable contact with the public during demonstrations.

This shouldn’t seem strange. One of the jurors at the Ian Tomlinson inquest asked if PC Harwood had been taking any medication, both legal and illegal. It was obvious to that juror that Harwood was acting like he was off his head on cocaine.

At the inquest PC Harwood was found guilty of unlawfully killing newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests in City of London in 2009. His criminal trial starts next year.


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