Policing on N9 – Forward Intelligence Teams

Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT) are the police intelligence gathering operations found at demonstrations or public order situations. They are usually identifiable by the pale blue shoulder sections across their hi-visibility jackets and by having a civilian cameraman in toe.

The FIT were present on the scene when PC Simon Harwood killed newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson during the G20 demonstrations at the Bank of England in 2009, and gave evidence at Tomlinson’s inquest defending the actions of Harwood.
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Green and Black Cross Legal Observer training

Have you ever been at a demo, near a line of police, and witnessed the police do something you’re pretty sure they’re not supposed to do? Baton someone, for instance, or stop and search a nearby protester, or snatch somebody out of the crowd? Ever wondered how you can: a) know what to do, and b) how you can help them?

Now is your chance to find out!
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