Useful links

Nov 9
9th Nov Strike Now

Student Activist Groups
Edinburgh University Anarchist Society
Education Activist Network
Leeds University Against Cuts
National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC)
Really Open University
Stop the Cuts (Sussex University)

Legal support
Legal Defence and Monitoring Group
Green and Black Cross

Electricians support
Electricians Against The World
Union News

News/info sites
Be The Media
London Indymedia
Freedom Press

Nationwide Anarchist Federations
Anarchist Federation
Solidarity Federation

Local/Regional Anarchist Groups
Action East End
Anarchist Federation London
Hackney Anarchist Group
Haringey Solidarity Group
North London Solidarity Federation
Radical London
South London Solidarity Federation

Rest of the UK
Aberdeen Anarchists
Cambridge Anarchists
Edinburgh Anarcha Feminist Kollective
Edinburgh Anarchists
Glasgow Anarchists
Hereford Solidarity League
North East Anarchists
Portsmouth Anarchists
Sheffield Anarchist Feminist Network
South Wales Anarchists