Undercover cops as provocateurs – the evidence

Youtube footage has appeared of the undercover cops, previously documented on this site, acting as provocateurs within the crowd on the student demo on Nov 9th.

This is where things start to get interesting. We will continue to put up footage of these scum as and when it is made public.


Cop acting unlawfully

This is the cunt copper who grabbed hold of a protester round the neck with both hands and dragged him backwards while his undercover cop mates held the protesters arms down.

Someone must know his name, rank and where he is based. Let’s nail the cunt, and get the fucker prosecuted.

Moment undercover cops arrest protester

This is the moment several undercover police, dressed as protesters, drag a person from the crowd at the student demo on Nov 9. There are four making the arrest in this sequence – one in the grey hooded top, one with ginger hair and 93 on his top, one wearing a black coat with the hood up and the other copper in black with short black hair who is strangling the protester. As is clear to see one cop is dragging the person by the throat while others hold his arms down. [All the coppers are wearing pale blue wristbands]. This is clearly not in any recognised legitimate police arrest manoeuvre and certainly isn’t sanctioned by the police authorities. Names of these officers as soon as possible please. Violent scum like this should not be on our streets.

from the original youtube footage here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67aL2N3ARQs&

Met police arrest data for Nov 9

According to the Met police there were 20 arrests during the Nov 9 demonstraion in central London (as of 4:45pm yesterday afternoon) They were:

3 x Section 2 and 3 of the Public Order Act (violent disorder and affray respectively)
1 x Offensive Weapon
3 x Going Equipped
1 x Section 60aa
12 x Breach of the Peace

Breach of the peace is not a criminal offence and any arrest would not result in a criminal charge.

New police tactics: Undercover cops active and aggressive

We saw a change in police tactics for the Nov 9 student demo in central London. Apart from the tightly regulated route of the march (each sidestreet was blocked by a small army of well defended barriers) police had introduced a new and potentially dangerous element into the policing of the demonstration – the extensive and transparent use of undercover police.

Previously police would simply deploy FIT [see here] at strategic points on the edges of the demo to identify “potential troublemakers” who if arrested would be by uniform cops away from the main march.
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#Nov9 Arrest of protester by undercover police

After about one minute in several undercover police (all dressed as protesters) violently drag a person from the demonstration through police lines. One undercover cop desperately shows his ID to prove their credentials, others violent push photographers aside.

If any of the photographers present who took photos of the undercover police could pass them onto it would be much appreciated