Where do we go from here?

Were the Nov. 9th protests a game changer as we suggested they could be in a previous post? The answer is yes but certainly not in the way that we were hoping events would turn out! The hoped for meeting up of the sparks and students to unite as one protest was shafted by what can best be described as ‘total policing’ tactics from the Met aimed at intimidating and frustrating protesters every step of the way.
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November 9th Demonstration

Today sees another demonstration against cuts and the rising tuition fees. Students from over the UK rose early, taking coaches to make it to ULU for the start of the march.  The “sparks protest” organised by electricians started two hours before the march from ULU and had over 500 participants. March from ULU started 40 minutes behind schedule at 12:40pm.
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a few words on november 9 student protest

Police set up an uber-kettle for the students in london today, about 4 miles long and one street wide, allowing them to walk from one end of it to the other.

as i arrived a bit late, and was trying to scope out the later route before finally finding a vantage point to get some pics of the march, i’ll leave it to others who were more involved to make more detailed reports, but above are a few pics and below some observations.
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